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Aye mate, I’m gonna be real with you, the chances of you coming across hookers in Ayr is like winning the EuroMillions. Gobsmacked? Well, I was, but it’s not surprising with around 46,000 people, it’s like the Ayr hookers walk around in them invisibility cloak Harry Potter owned. Your best option to punting is to stick around some ghetto and watch out for some crack head who’s dead skint. Other than finding some peng ting along the streets, other great options include using the strip clubs, erotic massage parlors, registering for a top sex dating site, or even using the local Ayr escort or some brothel. There are whores everywhere my brother, you just gotta check the right places.

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Mate, these punts in Ayr are bloody expensive compared to hookers in Ayr, but they are also safer and better with good experience. And when you go punting, make sure you pick out the ones that have been thoroughly reviewed.

Erotic Message Ayr

Put punting aside, erotic massage parlors in Ayr are one of the best ways to enjoy the pleasure of the flesh, you know the vibe yea? Talk about them working their way through every body part you have – even the strong boneless ones. You know what mate? These businesses around the block provide some of the best erotic experiences ever, better than hiring hookers off the streets.

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If you need to link up with some peng gyal or some hooker, then you might wanna check out the strip clubs in Ayr. Mate, I’m telling you… these chicks are readily available, you just gotta get them to go with you.

Nightlife in Ayr


If you around the block, on some hunt for a pretty good alternative to Ayr hookers, then you might wanna visit a bar or a nightclub. These are some of the popular Ayr bars that you can check out

Worst Neighbourhoods
in Ayr


If you are in Ayr, Scotland and in need of some WG to help you cool off, the best method to get these hookers is to make a trip to Ayr South Harbour and Town Centre. These blocks are rough and the manageable part of Ayr, Scotland that these hoes often hang around at.

  • 1.Ayr South Harbour
  • 2.Town Centre
  • 3.Wallacetown
  • 4.Newton South