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Hookers have been a common sight on the streets of Christchurch for decades. With a population of around 404,000 people, it's no surprise that a city this large has its fair share of ghettos, red light districts, and street walkers. You can find Christchurch prostitutes roaming around Linwood, Phillipstown, or even Aranui, but beware of getting caught by the police. However, there are safer options to find sexual pleasure in a big city like this. We recommend checking out sex dating sites, massage parlors, strip clubs, or even hiring a local Christchurch escort.

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Quality always comes at a cost, mate. And that's why escorts in Christchurch are more expensive than the hookers on the street. But that extra expense is worth it, as they are more flexible, safer, and more skilled than their street counterparts. So, make sure to only choose escorts with great reviews for the best experience.

Erotic Message Christchurch

Don't waste your time with risky streetwalkers when you can have the ultimate relaxation experience at an erotic massage parlor in Christchurch. These parlors offer skilled massages and, if desired, happy endings to take your pleasure to the next level. And with the added security of being a safer option than hiring a hooker, it's the clear choice for those who value both pleasure and safety.

Strip Clubs In Christchurch


If you're tired of swiping left and right, head to a strip club in Christchurch to find some easy action. These ladies are always looking for a good time and won't say no to a night of pleasure with you.

Nightlife in Christchurch


Popping into a bar in Christchurch is always a solid way to score, provided you have some decent social skills. Hookers in Christchurch can be way too dodgy and not worth the hassle. Check out these nightlife hotspots in Christchurch for a good time.

Worst Neighbourhoods
in Christchurch


If you're after a good time with some hookers in Christchurch, New Zealand, you'll want to head straight to Linwood and Phillipstown. These streets are packed with hookers of all types, and they're not hard to spot either. You can usually find them hanging out on the streets of Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • 1.Linwood
  • 2.Phillipstown
  • 3.Aranui
  • 4.New Brighton