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Top Neightborhoods to find hookers in Limerick

#1. Moyross #2. Southill #3. Rathbane #4. Hyde Road

Aye mate, come over here real quick – you tryna find hookers in Limerick, innit? It’s possible, you just gotta know where to get some good punts. See man, there are like 94,000 people in this city, and a city this small usually doesn’t have prostitutes walking down the block. But I know for sure Moyross has some of them whores on the street. Some other options for you mate, other than looking for Limerick hookers, you might wanna check out a sex dating site, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, or just some local Limerick escort. Them hoes never absconded, you just gotta check in the right places… and I got you.

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Escorts in Limerick


Some G came around and said, the better the quality, the higher the price… which explains why some punts are more expensive than Limerick hookers. Wondering why the prices are high? Well, they are safer than using the street hookers, they’ve got the skills and there is a great deal of a good experience assured when you go for the punts in Limerick. with good reviews.

Erotic Message Limerick

If you are in the mood for some pump and dump, then you might wanna check out them erotic massage parlors in Limerick. Of course, not all massage parlors offer the happy ending you might need but even the most basic kind of massage is enough to help you relieve stress. And also, they are far better and safer compared to going with the hookers, so it’s safe to say every quid you spend is worth it.

Sugar Daddy Dating Limerick


Below is a curated list of sugar daddy sites in Limerick , focused on sugar baby and daddy connections.


Strip Clubs In Limerick


Guess what mate? Strip clubs in Limerick are also a good place to hook up with some peng gyals. Be it some hoore waiting on some cum-stocked roadman or a freelance gyal with big nyash… they are basically waiting for guys to come through, have fun, and get that bag. Taking one or two strippers home is definitely fine as well.

Nightlife in Limerick


If we talking alternatives to street hookers, then you might wanna hit the bars and lounges around. Not saying you would cop a hoe every time but being there increases your chances of copping a hoe. There are some cool nightlife hotspots in Limerick.