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Some folks reckon Sydney is like the new Babylon, you know the one that Job didn't like in the Bible. With all the cash flowing in this big city, drugs and sheilas are everywhere ya look. No wonder it's got a name for itself, eh? Hookers have been struttin' their stuff on these streets for donkey's years. You'll find 'em around Tregear, Kingswood and even in the dodgy Liverpool. But don't go thinkin' it's a good idea to pick up one of these girls off the street, mate. We reckon it's much safer to try sex dating, erotic massage parlors, or even hiring a local Sydney escort for a night of fun. There are heaps of ways to find a root in this city, we're just tryin' to steer ya in the right direction. And when it comes to getting noticed online, make sure to use keywords like "Sydney escorts", "Sydney sex dating", "Sydney erotic massage" and the like.

Sex dating in Sydney


Escorts in Sydney


Looking for some adult fun in Sydney? Escorts can deliver the goods, even if they do cost more than the local hookers. But don't worry, mate, their flexibility and dedication make it worth it. Just make sure to choose an escort with a solid online reputation.

Erotic Message Sydney

Erotic massage parlours in Sydney are designed to make you happy and help your body reach its peak potential with a skilled rub and tug. While not all parlours offer these services, researching and reading reviews can be helpful in finding one that does. And when you compare the overall experience to that of a hooker, there's no comparison.

Strip Clubs In Sydney


If you're in need of some female company for the night, but don't want to make it too obvious, why not hit up the strip clubs in Sydney? You'll find plenty of hookers and everyday sluts shaking their tail feathers, and it's not hard to find one who's up for a bit of fun. Just approach them with confidence and see where the night takes you.

Nightlife in Sydney


You're a night owl, right? Well, hit up one of the clubs in Sydney instead of hiring a hooker. It's way safer and more chill. Plus, you can drink beer and chat up some chicks.

Worst Neighbourhoods
in Sydney


When you're bloody well in Sydney, Australia and need a quick sheila, the best way to find the hooker of your dreams is to make a pilgrimage to Tregear or Kingswood. Those are the not-so-nice parts of Sydney, Australia that attract the dodgy types. You know, the kind that you wouldn't take home to meet the folks.

  • 1.Tregear
  • 2.Kingswood
  • 3.Liverpool
  • 4.Bankstown